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AI Won't Replace Staff for Cloud Computing, Yet

November 18, 2021 / by Frederid Palacios

Between remote work and the search for better efficiency, cloud computing is continuing to grow in popularity with businesses. Traditionally, cloud migration and computing are handled by a team of IT staff, trained with experience in the cloud. While human labor has been sufficient for this job, AI-enabled cloud migration and computing may soon be a reality. Developments in AI have vastly optimized nearly every aspect of business technology, and the cloud may be soon to join - but not quite yet. We may still be a few years away from AI reducing cloud skills requirements, so it is important to hold onto your IT staff. 

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Growth in Cloud Computing

Over the last year, businesses have grown to recognize the value of a reliable and remote-accessible data center. As a result of the pandemic, companies were forced to go remote, and for those relying on on-premise databases, this complicated a few things. As employees were unable to enter the office to work with their physical data center, this meant significant delays and the inability to perform basic tasks and operations. 

Consequently, a significant number of businesses accelerated their migration to the cloud. The cloud provided them with remote access to their company data center with optimized speed and reliability, allowing them to operate more efficiently as a whole. Even as we see the light at the end of the tunnel of the pandemic, businesses are still continuing to utilize cloud computing and migrating to it if they have not already. 

But, as beneficial as the cloud is, the migration process can be lengthy and strenuous, with many opportunities for error. For this reason, companies are eager to find a fast, efficient, and accurate method of cloud migration - and it is thought that AI could be the solution. 

AI and Cloud Migration

It seems obvious that because AI has optimized nearly every other aspect of technology in business, it should do the same for cloud migration. With an automated cloud migration system, the process can be significantly accelerated without the threat of human error. The cloud migration process entails selecting the right cloud model, integrating and migrating data, and onboarding your workforce to the new data center. 

Traditionally, these tasks are time-consuming and, if done incorrectly, can result in lost data. But, through AI, these processes will be faster than ever, with the assurance that data will be migrated wholly and seamlessly. The automation of cloud computing is in particularly high demand today as not only are more companies migrating to the cloud, but there is also a skill and labor shortage in the technology industry. In fact, 50% of data center managers struggle to find skilled candidates, and 75% believe that AI-based technology will reduce their data center staffing needs. While this may be true in the next few years, at present, AI-based technology is not prepared to completely take over data center staffing roles. 

What's Causing the Skills Shortage? 

There are a few significant reasons behind the ongoing skills shortage we are facing in the IT industry. First and foremost, there is a worldwide labor shortage being experienced in every industry. As a result of the pandemic, and a significant portion of the global workforce reaching retirement age, there just aren't as many qualified professionals available. As a result, employees have the power, and they are holding out for positions with benefits such as remote flexibility, competitive pay, and other benefits, which not all companies can fulfill. 

Regarding the skills shortage, in particular, the technology industry is fast-moving, and it is difficult for professionals to keep up. It seems as though each month, new software and technology are being adopted, and even the most experienced IT professionals cannot learn or gain experience fast enough to develop the skills they need. As a result, there are many IT professionals with a wide range of skills, as opposed to many candidates that are experts within a particular specialty. 

For new technologies in particular, such as cloud computing and AI, experts are few and far between. As most companies are looking to hire such professionals, the supply outweighs the demand. That being said, it is clear why so many companies are eager to adopt AI to solve their data center staffing needs. Fortunately, there may be a solution for companies in the meantime while AI technology catches up. 


Intertec Managed Services


MSPs Can Handle Your Cloud Migration Needs

Managed service providers (MSPs) can solve companies' data center staffing needs and optimize the cloud migration process. While AI-enabled technology would be ideal for cloud migration, that solution is still years away from being readily available. In the meantime, MSPs can support businesses in their cloud computing needs - from migration to ongoing maintenance and management. 

A company's traditional IT department may have a few team members familiar with cloud computing who may be able to figure out the migration process with time and patience. Still, the cloud migration process is fragile and can result in significant data loss if done incorrectly or open opportunities for cybersecurity breaches. Alternatively, MSPs are equipped with a team of IT experts, containing a variety of expert professionals - including experts in cloud migration. With experts at their disposal, companies can rest assured that their data will be migrated to the cloud quickly and efficiently. 

Even beyond the initial migration process, an MSP will help their clients onboard their team members, ensuring that the cloud is ready to use immediately. Furthermore, with remote 24/7/365 availability, MSPs will always be accessible for maintenance, monitoring, troubleshooting, and help desk support. As a result, companies have full-time cloud specialists on their team, ensuring that they can operate within the cloud with ease - through cost-efficient means. 

Even better, MSPs do not replace your current IT department but supplement it. A common concern for IT professionals is that AI or MSPs will eventually replace them. In reality, companies can delegate time-consuming and tedious tasks, or highly complex and sensitive ones, to their MSPs. As a result, internal IT staff can focus on more strategic projects without the potential disruption or delay of an inefficient data center. 

For companies looking to transition to an AI-enabled cloud environment eventually, MSPs are the cloud support you need before AI is available. Rather than working with an outdated on-premise data center until AI is ready or struggling to find adequate cloud professionals, MSPs can provide the expertise you need for a flawless cloud environment. With an MSP, companies can accelerate their business and transition seamlessly into the cloud - achieving AI-quality cloud management - without the use of AI.

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Frederid Palacios

Written by Frederid Palacios

Fred Palacios is a seasoned software architect with more than 20 years of experience participating in the entire software development cycle across a host of different industries--from automotive and services to petroleum, financial, and supply chain. In that time, his experience working closely with high-level stakeholders has provided him with a strategic vision for developing the right solutions to flexibly meet critical business needs. As CTO of Intertec, he's continuing to focus on the creation of business-critical applications for large enterprise projects, particularly those that handle high concurrency and large datasets. He is passionate about using technology as a tool to solve real-world problems and also mentoring technical teams to achieve their maximum potential and deliver quality software.

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