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7 Key Attributes of a Future-ready IT Workforce

August 4, 2022 / by Frederid Palacios

Technology is constantly evolving to better fit the needs of all its users. These advancements happen quickly, with most having updates that come out every year. There is always something new on the market that will automate an individual's most undesired task. But to successfully put out new products and services, your company must have a reliable workforce.

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A workforce is comprised of many individuals who are all working together to reach the same goal. At least that's what an ideal situation should look like. In the IT world, finding individuals that are ready for the future of technology are hard to come by. It takes a special set of skills and attributes to be able to look far enough into the future to understand the upcoming needs of customers.

Finding one individual with the correct mindset and skills is hard enough, so imagine finding multiple people who share the same attributes in the world of IT. Of course, some diversity should be embraced so that creativity can continue to grow and new ideas can arise organically.

Using current recruitment technology can lessen the burden of trying to find the right candidates to make up a future-ready IT workforce. However, as a company, you must already know the key attributes to look out for in an individual before you set out on a search for the right candidate.

Beyond the basics, here are 7 key attributes of a future-ready IT workforce:

#1. Goal-Driven

In a market where new IT technology and advancement are constantly happening, having a goal-driven workforce can aid in the overall success of the company. There will always be a competitor that tries to outperform you, but with the right team on your side, the competition will be used to motivate a workforce to strive for better and faster delivery.

A goal-driven mentality is hard to find but is an essential attribute to look for to build a future-ready IT workforce. At the speed that IT moves, lacking a goal-oriented mindset can mean major setbacks in the workforce. Having set goals in mind can improve the speed of delivery or even the overall functionality of a product.

#2. Flexible

Just as a company expects an employee to be flexible with their schedule, an employee expects the same from a company. Finding someone willing to work a flexible schedule is always a good thing when it comes to hiring a new individual. This means that they are willing to accommodate the company's needs and will work at the times they are needed.

As a company looking for a future-ready IT workforce, flexibility must go both ways to ensure the satisfaction of all parties involved. In other words, an employee should be able to ask for the same flexibility back when it comes to the work setting and desired times. As a future-ready company, allowing an individual to work from a different setting if it means the same productivity and work quality should be allowed. This satisfies both sides and will likely play in the favor of the company as satisfied employees typically work harder. 

#3. Open to Using New Technology

To create new technology one must be open to using new technology. Individuals who have been in the field for an extended amount of time typically like to stick to their old ways. In the past, this method may have worked for them as they were able to produce a few successful products and services. However, the current IT workforce must adopt new ways of thinking and do to keep up with the ever-changing technology.

Now more than ever, technology is improving at speeds that were once never thought to be possible. The uptick in automation has changed the way many individuals go about their day as technology is not doing tasks that were once only done manually. Taking advantage of this new technology is critical to the success of any IT company and should be embraced by its workforce.

#4. Performance Driven

Being goal-driven is one thing, but being performance-driven is a whole other attribute that goes hand in hand with it. The difference between the two is that goals can be reached despite how a product performs. However, being performance-driven means that the product will perform at the desired capacity every time. 

Having performance-driven individuals who are also goal-driven is a combination that breeds success. Setting out goals to achieve desired performance and other metrics is essential to the success of any company.

#5. Creative

In a world where everything is automated, creativity tends to make a downfall. When everything is controlled by an algorithm or computer-driven process, everything is done to be more efficient and effective. This means that the creativity that could be included is often left behind as it is not a necessity in the world of automation.

Despite the ease that comes with automation, creativity is an important attribute that should be sought after in a future-ready IT workforce. Creativity inspires innovation and can mean the difference between successfully looking into the future and being stuck in the present.

#6. Always Learning

Any individual or team that believes they already have all the knowledge they need to succeed is already on their way to failure. The overwhelming amount of knowledge that is readily available at the tips of our fingertips is constantly expanding. Having a closed mindset to this wealth of knowledge is a major downfall and should be avoided at all costs when it comes to creating a future-ready workforce.

The more knowledge that is shared between a group of individuals, the more likely it is to create a new and exciting product. This also increases the creativity and overall performance of the group. Constantly learning new information should be an important attribute to every individual, despite their employer. 

#7. Mutual Trust

Last but not least, having mutual trust between team members and the company can mean the difference between success and failure. Trust between the members that make up the workforce is a key attribute that drives performance. Trusting one another to complete the work on time, stay on top of innovative ideas, and comfortably discuss those ideas without fear of misuse results in better teamwork. The better the team works together, the better the performance output.

The same ideas stand for the trust that should be established between the workforce and the employer. Working for a trustworthy company ensures that the best work is being done on time. The stronger the trust that an employer isn't just using its workforce to benefit itself, the more likely it is to have a workforce that works hard to ensure the overall success of the company.

Rely on a "Ready-Made" IT Team

Finding a whole team of people who share these attributes--along with the specific IT expertise that you're looking for--can be a momentous task. If you've been searching for the right people, it might be time to turn to a managed services provider (MSP) for the talent you need. These teams can step in to lead or support your IT initiatives. At Intertec, we offer comprehensive MSP services. Our expert teams have worked together on many engagements, so they bring a strong culture of teamwork. 

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Frederid Palacios

Written by Frederid Palacios

Fred Palacios is a seasoned software architect with more than 20 years of experience participating in the entire software development cycle across a host of different industries--from automotive and services to petroleum, financial, and supply chain. In that time, his experience working closely with high-level stakeholders has provided him with a strategic vision for developing the right solutions to flexibly meet critical business needs. As CTO of Intertec, he's continuing to focus on the creation of business-critical applications for large enterprise projects, particularly those that handle high concurrency and large datasets. He is passionate about using technology as a tool to solve real-world problems and also mentoring technical teams to achieve their maximum potential and deliver quality software.

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